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Cum Covered In Public


Blondi woman sucking cocks and walking around covered with cum in public... Comment...


by kushking2012

submitted April 23rd 2009

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not muchoworthycrouchofarts
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mummy and daddy would be proud
9 years ago
I wounder if we can pin point the moment she actually gets AIDS....
9 years ago
after hiv
9 years ago
9 years ago
Reply button fail, stoooopid.
9 years ago
9 years ago
*Blade, idiot.
9 years ago
9 years ago
oh fuck yeah i forgot how to spell my name OMG
make sure you point out LrishL aswell.
9 years ago
considering the guys with cameras are wearing passes, id say porn convention not public.... comment..
9 years ago
Don't tell me what to do shithead.
9 years ago
I like the way that dude is check to check with her after taking the first load on her face
9 years ago
camera guy: You want another cock in your face?

she: No thanks, I`m good

9 years ago
She's under the influence of some kind of drug, so nothing special. Any girl would do that while drugged.
9 years ago
Tons of men and women engage in oral sex, AIDS transmission extremely minimal that way.HIV virus has a matter of seconds to transmit blood to blood or at least fluid to blood. Comment about her being drugged is valid though, or perhaps drunk. More enjoyable to know the person is under self control. Still this fun to waatch.
6 years ago
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