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Ze holy pink sock


It's a beautiful thing ?


by Signs

submitted April 21st 2009

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whilst searching for fabled pink sock, found neat banana trick at 18:27
9 years ago
That WAS a cool banana trick.
9 years ago
dude she fuckin magic
9 years ago
pink sock 11:29 :3
9 years ago
Thank you :)
9 years ago
not worth it. dont bother.

7 minute cap please yak enforce this.
9 years ago
like you have more important things to do than watching mucho clips?
9 years ago
morph is one of the few mucho regulars that actually has a life
9 years ago
You think I have all day for thiz?

Most guy have all day for sex crazy ass germans.
9 years ago
You should get your English together before you start misspelling shit like retarded teenage American fucks.
9 years ago
Well, if you watch the vid I was making fun of his poor accent.
9 years ago
9 years ago
Oh yeah, she's marriage material
9 years ago
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