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Woody on weed.

Skip to 3:45.


by Alec13

submitted April 21st 2009

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i was too stoned to skip to 3:45. Woody should have fuckin blazed one up!
9 years ago
lmao, i was there that year, but i dont remember woody harrelson...suppose that not too surprising tho...
9 years ago
I am smoking weed right now, that is why I am too lazy to talk shit.
9 years ago
Fuck. I know this isn't the best quality vid...and I know 8 years is kinda a long time, but fuck! 2001 looks 1987 already.
9 years ago
woody harrelson is a cunt
9 years ago
haha look at the stage..they must have been pretty high to build that
9 years ago
Great speech woody, real inspiring. Duck lips.
9 years ago
Man oh chevitz...this was one hell of a fuckin lame event and lamer cause.You potheads out there...Hemp?
Please!If hemp was associated with weed,you think anyone would give a frogs fat ass?Just be up front about it...but i know thats how people are now but still
9 years ago
9 years ago
Hemp and Marijuana are the same thing. Marijuana is Spanish for Hemp. The reason we know it as Marijuana is the propaganda campaign by William Randolph Hearst in the 1930s (Marijuana is a foreign word, therefore it sounds more "mysterious"). But because people have been lied to for the past 70 or so years, no one gets quality information on this topic anymore...except potheads...
9 years ago
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