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When Eve met Adam



by kildawabits

submitted April 19th 2009

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I was clearly thinking a red neck would pop out of them bushes but some gay dude did. This made me laugh.
9 years ago
same difference really
9 years ago
no, no its not....
9 years ago
Redneck definitely does not = gay dude.
A redneck will take a gun from a rackmount in their truck, shoot a gay man and mount his head on a wall.
You're thinking hillbilly, which will fuck anyone as long as they are family.
9 years ago
Thanks for the lesson in redneconomics there professor. Care to do any other stereotypes: Blacks, Mexicans, Asians?
How about shutting the fuck up since you have no idea what the fuck you are talking about
9 years ago
ha ha ha ha
9 years ago
...What the fuck did that have to do with insurance?
9 years ago
no shit!
9 years ago
They got the story all garbled up. They didn't cover themselves with fig leaves until AFTER they ate the fruit.
9 years ago
eve and all the other animals eat adam? that's still not right.
9 years ago
lol, good job
9 years ago
ive been there
9 years ago
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