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Nick Nolte

The man, at his best


by JerkStore

submitted April 17th 2009

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Nick Nolte had a best?
9 years ago
Omar Epps before Dr. House found him.
9 years ago
look interesting. is epps supposed to be tripping?
9 years ago
Yeah.. this is from Breakfast of Champions...

Basically, the premise of the movie is everyone is on acid.. Not really, but everyone acts like it. Nolte and Epps play a smaller role.. Bruce Willis stars.... Definitely recommended for all you stoners to throw it on your Netflix.
9 years ago
wtf is this?
9 years ago
Nolte:1 of the greatest
9 years ago
never seen this..i love nick nolte when he get's all riled up
9 years ago
You'd love this one... some quality Nolte action..
9 years ago
he's a great actor..fuck was that movie with the old guy ..james colburn
9 years ago
excellent movie
9 years ago
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