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Hungry Hammerhead

A hammerhead rises out of nowhere and steals this fisherman's catch right off his line.


by Mako

submitted April 16th 2009

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your cousins are assholes mako
9 years ago
From nowhere? I don't believe you mako...
9 years ago
are these mako's cousins with all the sweet hook-ups?
9 years ago
No actually, great whites are my cousins.
9 years ago
fucking cool!
9 years ago
I'm a victim of "Jaws" conditioning; sharks scare the shit outta me.
9 years ago
i'm not afraid of anything except gary busey
9 years ago
Well, they are similar. Huge teeth and unpredictable.
9 years ago
Nobody fell the water. What a gyp.
9 years ago
whats up with the animal planet film
9 years ago
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