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submitted April 15th 2009

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Are they carrying M16's?
8 years ago
I had nothing to do with that shipment, sir.
8 years ago
how can you have a 'liberation war' over natural resources or nuclear supremacy if the apposing country doesn't even have weapons to make them look like the bad guys?
8 years ago
You mean they should have disruptors rather than phasers?
8 years ago
"Anyone that runs, is a VC. Anyone that stands still, is a well-disciplined VC! HAHAHAHAHA! AIN'T WAR HELL?!"
8 years ago
Yes that is an M-16 A1 the model that was used during Vietnam the U.S. military uses the M-16 A2 now, it has better accuracy and no longer has the full auto function
8 years ago
Get SomE!
8 years ago
thats soap on a rope
8 years ago
Looks like his heart.
8 years ago
doggy bag
8 years ago
It is soldiery trophies.
5 years ago
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