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Chickfights is back 15

some chick getting "jumped in" she gets her ass beat for not fighting back... what kind of gang would want a dumb bitch who submits? which is why they fuck her shit up even worse... probably wont let her join either just as a last little Fuck you


by -Morph-

submitted April 14th 2009

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I dont even know where to start. Good video Morph.
8 years ago
Whoa! They're black!
8 years ago
Damn...they jumped her for at least an hour or so when she was down. Probably the worse scenario of a "gang bang".
8 years ago
8 years ago
Nigga Please!!
8 years ago
"I wouldn't want to belong to any club that would beat me up as a member" -Groucho Marx
8 years ago
They all scare me.
8 years ago
Especially those mutant islander gals.
8 years ago
Especially them
8 years ago
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