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Urotsukidoji - disturbed.


Another one of the greatest (and most fucked up) Manga movies ever made.


by CruelHM

submitted April 12th 2009

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I remember watching this shit back in middle school. I thought it was going to be like Akira.. Might partially explain why I'm on MS. FIRST!
9 years ago
In middle school?? Shiiiit!
I was 16 when I saw it.
9 years ago
are you that fucking retarded as to imply that before entering middle school you were already over the age of 16? At that rate you'll be getting your high school diploma and social security at the same time.
9 years ago
9 years ago
What he said. ^
Gazoo, you fucking ugly noob. If that's you in your avatar...I think we can clearly see who the retard is.
What confused you about what I said? I am from England (where there is no middle school btw)...and was starting college when I first saw Overfiend (what you'd call 'pre-college' - where you go before university).
My point was that I was an acceptable age to watch that demented shit...whereas you were not...or maybe you're just trying to sound 'Mucho-cool' because, quite frankly, your face looks as though God took a whole lotta nerdy geek and mixed it with undiluted pissant-eternal-virgin-pedo.
9 years ago
I think I was 19 when I first saw this. Like Gazoo I thought it'd be like Akira. Was very very wrong. First time I'd ever fapped to a cartoon. My dick still hasn't recovered.
9 years ago
Yes because you know my avatar image is really me. You're a fucking moron Cruel. Apparently if you have such a great understanding of the american education system, why are you explaining how yours work. ALSO! What I don't understand, if you're trying to say because you're from england and so much smarter than us, how come you fucking english can't figure out how to take care of your teeth. Know what cunt slop, post a picture of your fucking mouth. I can only imagine it looks like you got kicked jaw by a goat several times as a kid then let your teeth rot.
9 years ago
Wow Gazoo, you do seem to be quite the douche. Just to clarify for you, Cruel was only making the point that he was surprised that you saw it at that age (being in middle school) and that he saw it at 16. Obviously our curriculum over here has not helped you much in the realm of comprehension. Oh yes, and you are an ugly ass mother fucker.
9 years ago
Yeah. ^
I mean...what is this kid? Like, seriously this dumb, and so angry at looking like an ugly, geektard cartoon character?
Maybe you should fight your dad off sometimes Gayzoo...at least TRY. Fuckin noob.
Btw...here's me. I win. (I have perfect teeth too btw...nice erroneous and ignorant stereotype you have there).
9 years ago
Still can't see your teeth. Post a picture of yourself with a big ol' toothy grin.
9 years ago
What song is that?
9 years ago
sounds like atreyu, what my life is all about maybe? not sure though
9 years ago
its not atreyu ...
Sonic syndicate - Jack of Diamonds

always fun to see that again...
9 years ago
i love mange and iv never seen this, heard about it tho, time to look for it online i think
9 years ago
You love mange? Hmmm.
Yeah...you MUST download this.
9 years ago
mangA * ....not the kinda manga i was expecting...haha, think thats also a bonus too
8 years ago
I have the DVD.
9 years ago
hey retard! if your gonna make it mature at least make it one of the many sex scenes you fag
9 years ago
Right. Now clean up that shit you just puked...with your face.
9 years ago
I do agree that the sex scenes in the overfiend with the nazi's and shit is worse than this clip... but a good clip none the less.
9 years ago
I don't disagree that this is a tame montage from the movie. I thought it barely needed the mature stamp really...but I did it anyway.
I couldn't be bothered finding and posting some heavier shit...it was taking too long.
9 years ago
just like cruelhomo, all of his submissions suck ass.
9 years ago
it took you how many years to start and this is all you come up with? loser.
9 years ago
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