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Home made wall of death.

Bloody fun time.


by markiemark

submitted April 11th 2009

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just skip to 7 min
9 years ago
At 7:43, he sounds just like Tony Harrison.
9 years ago
Why did they use a miny bike?
9 years ago
9 years ago
cus theyre a bunch of brit pussies
9 years ago
pussies using nailed pallets as a wall of death? you done anything better?
9 years ago
really hoping for some over the top
9 years ago
That was actually pretty fucking cool.
9 years ago
needs more motherfucking lion
9 years ago
and some christians
9 years ago
lions and tigers only in kenya!
9 years ago
well if your going to ride the wall of death a tie does make you look serious.
9 years ago
i could do that walking
9 years ago
You might have to run to make it to the top.
9 years ago
And then it all went terribly wrong and he... scratched his scooter?
9 years ago
I was hoping to see a nail sticking out of his head like Jaws in Happy Gilmore.
5 years ago
9 years ago
This should be on Pinterest
4 years ago
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