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Muslim Bigotry

Dutch comedian Hans Teeuwen vs muslim women with their own tv show, on Dutch television, who think that Europe is too racist and not sensitive enough towards their feelings.


by earthdiedscreaming

submitted April 11th 2009

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I'm not sure the posters exact intention with his description with his description but he wasn't racist at all. He merely pointed out how religious people feel justified doing whatever behind their beliefs as an excuse which as he points out is both stupid and funny to laugh at.
9 years ago
"and if it rhymes, you can't go wrong!" Hahahaha classic.
9 years ago
the echo was for emphasis...
9 years ago
the reply fail was for emphasis as well...
9 years ago
i like that guy.
9 years ago
Maybe if Muslims chilled the fuck out they wouldn't be looked down on all the time. Christianity has the Crusades, witch-burning, The Spanish Inquisition, and more recently, kiddie fiddling, but because it did the smart thing and laid low, people don't remember that anymore.
9 years ago
Wow, you're so smart.
9 years ago
LOL thats cause christianity is a joke in itself.
9 years ago
I never quite understood why Christians worship a Jew.
9 years ago
blechen met hoek de beppo de hagaan der caca...sounds like someone trying to hock up a lunger
9 years ago
Goddamn muslims.
9 years ago
Them's some stuck up bitches. He was great though.
9 years ago
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