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Canadiens vs Nordiques 'Good Friday brawl'

Habs vs Nordiques, 25 years already!


by ColdBlood

submitted April 10th 2009

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Nice. The Sens-Sabres brawl was pretty good too!
9 years ago
Looks like they had joost aboot every player on the ice.
9 years ago
hey! canada is not to be made fun of..we're not a joke..that's not what were aboot
9 years ago
you don't understand canada guy
9 years ago
Is he like family guy?
9 years ago
Wot the fook are you tollking aboot, deek?
9 years ago
bob cole
9 years ago
hockey is the manliest game
9 years ago
isnt there some kind of fightingrule?
9 years ago
Yeah, fight or get out. That's were we get our motto, tits or get out.
9 years ago
I went to a boxing match last week, and a hockey game broke out.
9 years ago
*ba-doom TSS!*
9 years ago
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