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I don't know why, but it makes me think of Hank.


by toolman961

submitted April 10th 2009

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Toolman. Knock back some IC Light and stop thinking of Hank. It doesn't help.
9 years ago
i think anout Hanky all the time
9 years ago
about ?
9 years ago
9 years ago
i think i know what happened to hank...
A)the powers that be made it "difficult" for him to be his spammy self for a while
B) Hank looked at this place, with a new perspective...
C) he still has no idea which way to go

9 years ago
Wait, I thought Hank was Cruel ?
9 years ago
he was
he is...
allah akbar
9 years ago
Do people here actually think Hank and I are the same guy?
That's fucking hilarious if they do.
9 years ago
I don't. Hank's way more funnier than you Cruel. No offense.
9 years ago
No offense taken...you're opinion is noted, but casually disregarded...
'way more funnier than you'? Nice. Seems I am not the only one brain-farting today. Yes, Hawn...indeed.
9 years ago
pretty gay looking dog
9 years ago
pretty gay
9 years ago
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