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He handled it well

I'd a shanked him


by doitgiffordstyle

submitted April 9th 2009

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i would have had the camera man shut it off. and then i would have beat his old ass.
9 years ago
but he didnt know whut to say.
9 years ago
Who uses a wired mike anymore?
9 years ago
They dont. This video's older than dik's underwear.
9 years ago
Dick Cheney is such an asshole. On a side note, go fuck your couch pubicSecretion.
9 years ago
HAHA yeah fuck that, he specifically warned the guy about the cord right at the beginning.
9 years ago
I have never seen JENGA played that way before. "Gee Bryan, I dont know what to say....Gotcha!"
9 years ago
Old fuck!
9 years ago
That shit was waiting to happen with people walking around something so fragile. He should have built it in a separate room or area of the room and kept everyone out until evaluation time. Never underestimate the carelessness of the idiots around you.
9 years ago
That is what he gets for putting so much time and energy into creating something that has no where near the value if what he put into it. It was a total waste, even before it got knocked down.
9 years ago
It wasn't really a waste. Chances are a guy who has that much time to devote to something like that really doesn't lead a very exciting life anyway.
9 years ago
Then he, himself, is a waste of human life and since that is no longer grounds for murder his only purpose in life is to be humiliated for our entertainment.
Mission accomplished
9 years ago
Could have been worse, at least it's destruction was caught on camera.
9 years ago
8 years ago
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