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More of humanity at it's worst.

If these were my kids I think I'd spend about a week slowly carving this piece of shit up.


by Magawd

submitted April 9th 2009

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Having a large dog that's good with kids can help prevent this from happening.
"See that dog?, I have trained that dog to attack anything that threatens the children. Got it?."
9 years ago
That's actually very true.
9 years ago
WOW fucking weird!

I'm the guy who filmed that! ...whilst fapping!
9 years ago
Fucking chinks.
9 years ago
That was pretty bad. It would have been worse if it had happened to a dog though.
9 years ago
Not as fappable
9 years ago
I would fucking kill that piece of shit with my bare hands if that was my kid.
9 years ago
so true, even with my bare feet if i had to
9 years ago
The little shit probably didn't eat all of her peas.
9 years ago
Guys, don't be so quick to judge. Maybe it's a game show.
9 years ago
hahaha... ahhhh, Asians.
9 years ago
Bravo Claude
9 years ago
More like more poor quality filming at its worst
9 years ago
* minus one "more"
9 years ago
How can we know the little brat isn't just cursing and won't stop?
9 years ago
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