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Beer Bottle Dominos

That's a lotta booze.


by SausageLog

submitted April 9th 2009

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muchoworthynot muchoworthy
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Thats alot of pens.
9 years ago
yeah, I can understand where they got all the bottles, but the pens?
9 years ago
Get over here bitch, me and my posse got a deal for you all cunts, we'ze gonna give ya'll a pen fo evry dick yall suck.
9 years ago
I'd be too lazy to even attempt that. Stacking them is one thing but cleaning it all up afterward..shiet.
9 years ago
Was this not on here just a couple of weeks ago?
Maybe I'm stuck in some kind of möbius loop...
9 years ago
9 years ago
Neato skeeto
9 years ago
Thats kool
9 years ago
That's the maximum expression of total boredom and lack of girlfriends.
9 years ago
...and then some
9 years ago
That's the amount of beer that is consumed every night watching Mucho.
9 years ago
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