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Fat kids

Ruined my whole childhood.


by jsloan10

submitted April 6th 2009

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Fat kids
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drum drumm drumm drummmmm....
9 years ago
you rang?
9 years ago
Fat kids never tell.
9 years ago
who's fat?
9 years ago
Weird Al.
9 years ago
Alec - you're getting better.
I was just gonna say where's the drumrave tag.
9 years ago
I got praise from a fat science fiction loving unemployed rapper?!?
This calls for another drink.
9 years ago
The recession has hit rappers hard.
For the last time...that scifi account is defunct, and I was banned over 2 years ago.
You can tell from my profile pic I am enormous. Lil Screech douchesack.
9 years ago
You are rotund.
*Does drum roll on cruel's belly and runs away*
9 years ago
What...dik uses a posh word like 'rotund' and now it's permanently lodged in your mouth, like his wrinkly cock?
9 years ago
btw Screech...wtf are you doing up at 4/5 AM again? Get some fucking Zyprexa, dude. 10mg will be fine for your bodyweight. You'll be out within 20 minutes.
9 years ago
What are you talking about,
and why do you always refer to dik in our conversations?
I think you want his 'wrinkly cock' in your 'rotund ass'.
9 years ago
Nah, I'm heading to Florida tomorrow.
Well, actually in about 2 1/2 hours.
oh, i hit 167... BOoooYA!
9 years ago
But the fat kids are the ones with 'lists' and making gun rampages as adults. How many lists are you one?
9 years ago
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