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Star Hood Trek Ep.8

Will Spock hit it hard from behind? Who else will get Chlamydia? Will Spock's Zpack work? Stay tunned...


by fourhundredandtwenty

submitted April 5th 2009

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muchoworthynot muchoworthy
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"You're my boy, retard." Fuckin awesome.
9 years ago
"Whats up nigger from Niger"
9 years ago
lolz I love this stuff. thats it for the 1st season of this dub. hope you all enjoyed it, i'll start to post the rest later... fuck i'm drunk...
9 years ago
just beautiful 420, I'm not a big fan of the original star trek but I'm kind of curious about this episode. I might go look it up and give it a watch
9 years ago
Thank God this shit run of videos is over. Don't bother with the rest, these were shitty enough.
9 years ago
I'm not a trekkie either, but I found every episode hilarious.
9 years ago
Never a trekkie...this shit makes up for all the so called "hype" I thought I had been missing out on!
9 years ago
You can only appreciate this if you grew up watching it as a weekly program on the five TV stations you got on your rotary dial TV that you owned and had to work for. That's why I love my dad.
9 years ago
your mom aint half bad!! buwahahahah!
9 years ago
I hope she was better than "half bad" if you decided to "stick your dick in it"...metaphors are sweet!
9 years ago
and as for "metaphors" I mean "You're a fucktard"
9 years ago
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