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Star Hood Trek Ep. 3

Kirk rides the Roller coaster into the pussy lake, while Spock contemplates Clamidia with Mono.


by fourhundredandtwenty

submitted April 5th 2009

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comments (13)
Spock! You mother-fucking whore.
8 years ago
He's dissin you all up and down.
8 years ago
for serious kirk, you ought to be the one with Chlamydia. It just ain't fair dude... after all, you ARE the captain!
8 years ago
fo realsies
8 years ago
spock is my favorite one
8 years ago
Spock is the shit but cap'n is a solid 2nd
8 years ago
Agreed, they make either other better when working in concert
8 years ago
Where can I get the entire episode 4:20?
8 years ago
it's all in pieces dude, just as posted here. you tube star hood treck, you should find it there. Though it's cool everyone is enjoying it in mucho.
8 years ago
Pretty funny.
8 years ago
I used to think Star Trek sucked...but now I still think it still sucks! But this was awesome!
8 years ago
2:25 LMFAO "Sad to say, you're black mother fucker.. but we do have counseling for your black ass."

"I'm not black! I'm Irish!"
8 years ago
ROFL mother-fucker!!!
8 years ago
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