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by SunshineKellie86

submitted March 31st 2009

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Would of been better with a photo of her face
8 years ago
or her tits.
8 years ago
Well her tits honestly didn't look that bad...but her face is what got me...
8 years ago
8 years ago
we haven't seen them yet and just cause they look good hanging in their boobienetters doesn't mean they aren't total shit loosed.
8 years ago
losing lucidity..you're in no position to judge..
8 years ago
now shut the fuck up
8 years ago
This is fucking lame.
8 years ago
Mucho isnt horror... mucho pure greatness!
8 years ago
i dont get it at all...
8 years ago
thank you morph
neither do i
i was just too afeared to say anything without collaboration...
we have an atttention whore posting a pic of a shaved rat...
and another attention whore apparently commenting on AT One's cleavage, on her (?) avatar pic?...
i should be disgusted and angry probably...
but this shit just makes me laff
...and say things like "wow"...
8 years ago
Well she's getting into the spirit of things, gotta give her a little credit for that.
Next time hun, use a picture of an aborted fetus hanging out of your ass.
8 years ago
could it be her aborted fetus?
8 years ago
i kind of see the humor in the text of this picture but the picture itself isn't horrific. maybe britney spears' fang-tastic meat-gina should be there.
8 years ago
kinda cute
4 years ago
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