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A real Ghost?

Here are some things to consider when watching this. While it does look like someone in a cape, the figure moves with great speed and does not turn to go back down the hallway, also it doesn't bob up and down & it would have to be about 4 feet tall. If someone was messing with us they would have had to have hidden in there all day, and known where all the cameras were and know when to stop right outside of the field of vision of the DVR camera. Everyone who was there that night was out eating dinner together when this footage was captured.


by alex100

submitted January 11th 2005

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If you look at the bottom right at the end, you can see that the camera is actually recording a monitor. You can hook up two different video feeds and have them blend just like this one. Hook up any two video components you have and you will see what I mean. Nice work though.
12 years ago
i've seen this on ghost hunters
9 years ago
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