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Clever car

One smart arab.


by Nogbad

submitted March 30th 2009

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Ingenious! Why isn't this a regular feature on cars?!
9 years ago
It'll certainly be easier to find a parking space for
their car-bombs.
9 years ago
The tire doesn't retract enough.
9 years ago
For what?
9 years ago
For What?
9 years ago
For WHat?
9 years ago
Uh a speed bump, bumpy roads, etc. Not all streets are smooth. Hell even here in Chicago there are some fucked up streets.
9 years ago
maybe, but that can be fixed
9 years ago
that is fucking awesome.

i would soo buy that piece of shit car so long as it had good gas mileage and that feature.
9 years ago
it's French too
9 years ago
That would make passing the drivers test so much easier.
9 years ago
fail, mercedes tried this when the model T first came out, it never caught on
9 years ago
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