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DJ with the Bling

domo arigato Dj kentaro


by Alec13

submitted March 29th 2009

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muchoworthynot muchoworthy
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broken video
9 years ago
Admin Vill Feex!
9 years ago
9 years ago
9 years ago
let me know if any other fucking videos aren't working ;/
9 years ago
maybe it's my dumb ass for posting shit from youtube.
9 years ago
well... the video is ridiculously pointless..
9 years ago
It actually takes a lot of talent to do what he just did.
9 years ago
it takes a lot of talent to write a novel, but you don't see fucks submitting videos of people doing that now do you ;/
9 years ago
This is a little bit quicker though.
I get your point, but you should of shafted me on the post.
9 years ago
okay yak, just got done checking out the other 15 vids - everything seems to be okay except fo this one...
i is tired now...brownie points?
9 years ago
you get a +1
9 years ago
9 years ago
9 years ago
He skipped chinese love song.
It seems no one cares anyways.
9 years ago
there it goes for me.
More asian randomness, hurray!
9 years ago
This would be better if he wasnt Japanese
9 years ago
this is not a musical instrument
9 years ago
i like how it sounds very fucking rarely..sublime used a little..basically this is the the same as rapping instead of singing..although it's probably harder to do this
9 years ago
you've seen the people with their 'raps' on this site.. of course its easier to rap than to do this ;/
9 years ago
There are some good rappers...I use 'some' generously.
9 years ago
I'm the best rapper on this big ball they call 'Earth'.
9 years ago
Cruel... ur just a herb,
You type on mucho as if ya were paid by da verb....
shits absurd, ya possess less skill than a turd.
*drop the mic
9 years ago
9 years ago
Were you referred here from remedial school?
Bitch, you seriously feel that rhyming was cool?
You drool like an ole slut wants moisture,
Hunched-over from your rolling fapping posture.
You're a mistake,
A bad break,
A lookin-in-the-mirror chump,
Just searchin for a hole to hump.
*Stamps on your K-Mart mic*
9 years ago
No, cruel. Just no.
9 years ago
Oh I see. You think you can say 'no' to me now, huh?
Where do you get off? Oh I know...the next stop, 'GTFO Circus'.
9 years ago
Don't make me bring my top rapping skills...
9 years ago
You put one 'r' too many there bud.
9 years ago
Ah shit. 'p'
9 years ago
It's aight if that ya broke dat mic
I'll just use my other one to fuck your dyke.
She said please, give it to meeez.
I said get on your knees!!
and she sucked on it like it were some trees that had and overload of that T.H.C!
She rode the dick so hard she had to say "Weeee!"
Had her ass up until a quarter to 3

9 years ago
The thought was there.
I feel you'll self-pwn here more than once.
My presence is very intimidating...as is my beauty.
9 years ago
Negative. At least I caught my mistake right away.
9 years ago
The pwn stands, bitch. You don't speak anymore, yes please.
9 years ago
Alec...I'm not responding to that pile of elephant shit.
9 years ago
Except you pwn yourself by typing. Especially 12 page rants. GG.
9 years ago
Thanks a lot kellie for getting him out of the mind set!
Damn cyst.
9 years ago
Alec...if you gonna step wid me,
You gotta at least try, g,
Where's Hanky when I need him,
Least I don't have to re-read him,
And all the shit that HE writes,
And his rhymes that lose their fights.
9 years ago
Hey! Fuck dat bitch...or not,
I mean - the skank is hardly hot,
A ball of snot,
Rancid tater-tot,
A jumpin-in-the-river bitch,
Just to make us lose the itch,
To smack her in da yappy mouth,
Ya'll know I once lived in da south?
Hoes like this don't make the grade,
Quickly drop before they made,
Less than a passing fade,
Taste worse than piss-Gatorade.
Don't tell me of my rants,
Just loosen up your pants,
Jiggle-pop those chesty boulders,
Never sass-mouth your greater olders.
9 years ago
Ya gotta fight ur own battle
so get back in yo' saddle.
You mess with these fat chix,
cause ya like dem fat tits.
But secretly you rather their clits
be dicks
So you can suck on some stick
while that fatty rides your prick.
9 years ago
I like that cruel.
propz homie!
9 years ago
I'm in hardcore frown mode.
9 years ago
Haha! I think it could be funny someone else is trying to rhyme up in dis mofockin joint now...fer realz!
Wonder if that old-timer Hank might come outta hiding and drop a few lines of Jew-raps too.
Fuck...you two could be the nigger-rap-Mucho-Cohen-brothers.
That would be nice, I think.
9 years ago
Lies Smelly-crotch. Nothing about you is hard.
9 years ago
You spelled "me" wrong.
And that sounds like a personal problem.
9 years ago
No. I definitely spelled 'you' right. You're Smelly, remember?
Flop 'em out.
9 years ago
My nose is big,
but my dick is much bigga
go figure, I still eat pig 4 dinna

I live my life, trying 2 avoid cooties,
It kinda hard tho
cuz i love da' Black Booty.
Specially when it tastes kinda fruity.... drive me kinda zooty!
Now Kellie GTFO! I eat pork but still can't stand your snout!
I even heard you smell of trout,
I still wouldn't eat you out,
even if ya came with extra sauerkraut.
no doubt.
9 years ago
Meh...getting better...definitely some editing issues...seems to be an issue wid you Jews...like Columbo without clues...or niggers without Blues.
9 years ago
Not very nice Alec. But it was smooth like tonic.
9 years ago
Smooth like tonic?
Wha? You being ironic?
Twas like sucking on da chronic laced with illnesses bubonic.
9 years ago
Ouch, that was sick.
Kellie,want some inspiration from the tip of my dick?
Then spit back on and give it another lick?
damn trick.
9 years ago
...but she's 'thick'.
9 years ago
1. That thing IS an instrument.

2. I've got to go to work just now, but I will be back to pwn you two wannabe rappers later, as I am way beyond anyone's skills around these parts.

3. Why can't we get the thing fixed where the comments get cut off and you have to refresh the page two or three times to see the whole comment?
9 years ago
You must be a noob. I have no problems here. And I pwn everyone every day.
Enjoy your day...ohayo gozaimasu.
9 years ago
So what if I'm thick.
9 years ago
Nothing wrong with cushion for the pushin.
Sure you're gonna cope here, darlin'?
9 years ago
Quite. I'll be alright.
9 years ago
i hear they're a right bunch of pirates here, ya know? Butt pirates, me arties. Argggh!
9 years ago
Lol thats what some dude name chris on my myspace says.
9 years ago
No shit? Huh. That was the joke you dirty lil dumbass.
You may as well post your tits now. Redeeming yourself is gonna be difficult from this point.
9 years ago
On second thought, I'm too busy to pwn any candy ass wrappers today.
9 years ago
My sarcasm is just too fucking dry, or cruel, you are just too fucking dense. I wonder which.
9 years ago
^misspelled "cunt"
9 years ago
your sarcasm and your humor are as dry as your stink ass twat stinkie, and diluted by your hundreds of posts
9 years ago
Like a desert possum, like a fucking desert.
9 years ago
did somebody say Dessert Possum?...mmm...
9 years ago
better than the gummy bear
9 years ago
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