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How it should have ended: LOTR

How to make Lord of the rings better. Make it more logical.


by ThoseUnknown

submitted March 23rd 2009

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9 years ago
I've never seen the movie, but I like this ending.
9 years ago
awesome lol personally i thought lord of the rings was shit and shoulda ended like randal said from clerks 2 but this is alot better than that original bullshit anyway
9 years ago
i had a feeling you would like a hobbit suckfest
9 years ago
haha love it
9 years ago
Perhaps not better but certainly, and more importantly, shorter.
9 years ago
it's rare a hollywood movie isn't full of cliches and annoying bullshit. other day i was watching some shit movie--what was it? can't even remember--some cunt who just escaped from kidnappers who may kill her any moment leaves the house she was held captive in, then stops and says "i have to pee" and goes back in. later another douche who was held hostage has a gun but disassembles it and throws it away.
9 years ago
WTF! When was this made? The Whitest Kids U' Know did this sketch about using the eagles about a month ago!
9 years ago
Haha! Brilliant.
9 years ago
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