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FKN Newz

It's the fuckin news, what else?


by TiredGuy

submitted March 23rd 2009

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suddenly I want to buy Disney movies from Wal-Mart, eat sub sammiches and drink diet coke, and a coffee would be nice too.
9 years ago
Swing by KFC/ Taco Bell for me on the way.
9 years ago
blah blah blah boring./
9 years ago
then its best that it doesnt work for me?
9 years ago
our line is being upgraded so things may not work at the moment until the new line is up which should be soonish
9 years ago
The fake obama face is disturbing.
9 years ago
I dislike this hippie bullshit, anti propaganda, free yourself from consumerism, fight the government, buy nothing day, conspiracy theory, ass hole shit idea think you are being profound, uneducated opinion ass hat videos. plus that guy has an annoying voice.
9 years ago
sounds foriegn to me-over annunciating fag
TiredGuy really living his name to the edge-TIRED Post
9 years ago
i'm glad you dislike it, thoseunknown. so are all the people benefiting from your stupidity. and i know this is old... i just don't give a shit.
9 years ago
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