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Transexual and two sisters


Dibs on the blonde.


by Anonymous

submitted March 22nd 2009

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you probably are the blonde
9 years ago
Armpit smothering is hot
9 years ago
and arm slapping
9 years ago
ive seen some pretty fucked up shit on the internet... and gotten off on a lot of it... but licking armpits? wtf? it just doesn't make sense.
9 years ago
what's the point if you fuck girls?
9 years ago
are you disappointed?
9 years ago
9 years ago
that was pretty hot. its like a lezbo threesome and one chick has on a strap on..

and is ugly
9 years ago
Agreed, no different then a guy fucking two chicks except you get an extra pair of boobs this way. I could definitely rub one out to this.
9 years ago
I honestly don't know why people hate on tranny porn I can't find anything wrong with it.
9 years ago
it is a tad hypocritical... "OMG that chick has a dick fukkk that" well would you rather it just be a dude with a dick? i mean i can understand u dont wanna fuck a tranny but watching two chicks get fucked by a dude with boobs?.. just pretend hes fat.
9 years ago
Twin sisters, how come I never meet these families?
9 years ago
suuuure the twin sisters is who u wanna meet.... we all know u want that tranny
9 years ago
And the transexual is their dad
9 years ago
There is ner a thing hotter then twin sisters licking each other's pussies.
9 years ago
The more times I watch this the better it gets, its loaded with fetishes and is quickly becoming one of my favorite videos
9 years ago
I've had this video saved on my spankwire for months.
9 years ago
that tranny is actually pretty cute
9 years ago
this was very Mucho worthy. *shutter shutter cum shutter*
6 years ago
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