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ummmm fap?


Art By Benoit David


by jsloan10

submitted March 22nd 2009

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ummmm  fap?
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is this what that cyclops baby came out of?
9 years ago
It is tit-thing! Run!
9 years ago
Kirk, you know you love aliens who look like this... ;P
9 years ago
Ssssshhh, you are gonna fuck it up.
9 years ago
Has anyone else acknowledged that photo evidence at this point is completely void? Photoshop has become so powerful that if the person has the expertise they can make it impossible to differentiate from reality.

Next on the list is video evidence.

We're going to have a very scary future...
9 years ago
somebody has been watching to many fucking crime dramas...
9 years ago
Seriously think about it though... with the way technology is going... in 50 years how the fuck will video evidence be relevant when CGI/video games look exactly like real life?
9 years ago
7 words
9 years ago
Line the inside of a baseball cap, wear sunglasses that block UV rays and chew bubble gum, lots of bubblegum.
9 years ago
Give him some of those glasses from They Live, that will really fuck him up, we might never see him again
9 years ago
Tin foil hat?

Are you fucking retarded?

Look at consoles. Within the next two generation of consoles we should reach photo realism in graphics. Thus, computer generated graphics will be capable of being indistinguishable from real life.

It's going to happen, I guess you guys are the type that doesn't believe any future technologies will exist until they're on the shelves at Walmart.
9 years ago
Took that literally eh?
Fucking relax.
9 years ago
he's a noob jsloan, he doesn't know that nobody reads that much.
9 years ago
does this remind anyone else of drawn together?
9 years ago
haha kind of...
9 years ago
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