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Backflip Dunk

He meant to do that.


by Mako

submitted March 20th 2009

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The douchebag commentator is right, that fucker is lucky.
9 years ago
yep. it wasn't an impressive dunk--but it is impressive he's not a vegetable.
9 years ago
Well, at least we know he didn't lose any brain cells
9 years ago
Was that intentional? Maybe he just got excited and held the basket too long. Either way = stupid.
9 years ago
At least he made the basket....wasn't a complete failure...otherwise people might make fun of him.
9 years ago
True, it wasn't a total waste
9 years ago
Yaaaaay ::dunk flip::

Ohh noooo :: gets up unhurt::

9 years ago
Wow, I'm surprised this showed up on mucho sucko. I go to the University of Wyoming.
9 years ago
I'm so sorry to hear that
9 years ago
You should probably just kill yourself right now.
9 years ago
Yeah and while you are killing yourself hit that reply button again..
9 years ago
hell yeah, whitey got game
9 years ago
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