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pedo grizzly

The video is coming soon.


by jsloan10

submitted March 19th 2009

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pedo grizzly
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I'm starting to wonder if you need one of those signs in your front yard sloan
9 years ago
They only give you those if you get caught.
9 years ago
Tomorrow I'm uploading 22 images, the contents will include-
-Abortion and Angus Young look-a-likes
-More average porn for those with lowered expectations
-Sesame street gets kinky
-Microwave cooking for stoners
9 years ago
-Awesome prolapse
-Drunk primate
-Google found my bike
-The secret of Guinness
-Not all Blacks like chicken
-I'm sorry
-Best cake ever
-Paper or plastic?
-Pegging for kiddies
-Ancient Mucho art
-Mako strikes
-Preggo whore
-Nigger off the port bow
-Me want snu,snu
-Sticks baby seals
-Land of rape and honey
-Cracka please
-And some nice 3way lesbian porn.
9 years ago
"Not all blacks like children", funny, every black friend I had, always surprised me by getting the shit slapped out of them in front of me by their parents. I guess that's not funny.
9 years ago
It says "chicken".
9 years ago
The sight of a helpless child being beaten causes me great anger.
9 years ago
Tommorrow is gonna be a good day.
9 years ago
I guess I'll upload a picture of one of my 12 year old hatstitutes getting the shit kicked out of him.
9 years ago
Ok, it came to 23, "mako strikes" was binned, search revealed a shitload of shark attack images already here and I'm trying for quality over quantity as cruel suggested.
9 years ago
is that a futurama reference in there sloan?
9 years ago
Why, repost?
9 years ago
not that i know of, the snu snu thing is from futurama right? the sex crazed, giant amazon women.
9 years ago
Oh, yeah thats a Futurama reference, I thought you meant the Guinness one which is a screencap from the show.
9 years ago
i would watch this video.
9 years ago
And so the plight of Plantshat began......
9 years ago
It ended god knows how long ago, noob
9 years ago
bears are meant to be hunt, a real man has at least killed ten bears.
9 years ago
This needs to be a shirt. It can go in my closet next to my "Hitler Was A Nigger" shirt.
9 years ago
yeah i'd have one next to my 'Fs1e' t-shirt
9 years ago
9 years ago
Hey, how come my Japanese baby cartoon got censored? Deja? Deja!...*knock knock* I know you're in there! I'll sit on this stoop all day! DEJA!....(2B Cont'd)
9 years ago
*exchanges awkward glare with dog walking by stoop*
9 years ago
*flips off dog after he passes, then quickly pretends to be licking paw*
9 years ago
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