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the knee bone's connected to the

wait, where's the foot bone?


by xzekiel

submitted March 19th 2009

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That's a suicide for sure.
9 years ago
Looks more like a death sentence. Some one racked this one up and pulled his shit appart. Either that or some one has a thing for cutting out peoples joints. Theres a murder mystery movie for you.
9 years ago
not a rack style death..the first time something comes apart,your done.unless they re-hooked his smaller pieces
9 years ago
He looks like a fucken doll, it reminds me of a tool video. it looks like someone chopped him up but I cant explain the slice across his torso.
9 years ago
Too much dexter, yak? WTF?
9 years ago
reminds me of a song...
All the pieces, pieces, pieces of me
9 years ago
9 years ago
I just hate it when they fall to pieces on me like that.
9 years ago
Some assembly required.
9 years ago
He's gonna need a couple of bandaids for this one.
9 years ago
It's a fake, no bone protrusions, no swelling, no black or blue, and no fragments from the explosion, if it was a explosion
9 years ago
Yeah, dead people bruise and swell so much.
9 years ago
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