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Chavhemian Rhapsody

If we`re looking at queen piss takes...

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by UnclePepper

submitted March 16th 2009

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Fucking bollocks innit....
9 years ago
im diggin the flannel hats mate
9 years ago
9 years ago
thats not just any hat bloke... that be burberry (aka burberins)... goddamn snaggletooths.
9 years ago
It's also not flannel.
9 years ago
Fuck, I may be an American, but I know what chav's are.
9 years ago
Yeah, it's quite an old one, I'd have expected
the term to have travelled stateside by now.

Missed the very end off the clip though, I should've
checked it before posting.
9 years ago
Nah, most Americans don't know what it means.
9 years ago
this may be funny, but i'll never know...that singing is fucking horrible
9 years ago
I dug it.
9 years ago
Their moths are a little displaced.
9 years ago
9 years ago
Pretty funny but they don't sound like real chavs to me, normally there voices are a lot higher
9 years ago
I'm American and can understand this. Does this mean that people are now stereotyping Americans as stupid and ignorant?
9 years ago
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