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Skater arm break

He takes it damn well


by xzekiel

submitted March 15th 2009

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Nope... Not gonna watch this one.
9 years ago
Oh, you totally should.
9 years ago
or at least listen to what he says.
9 years ago
"dude go get my skatebob"
9 years ago
"call my mammy"
9 years ago
i dont see theproblem here.

who wouldnt want to have an extra elbow?
9 years ago
This guy gets massive credit for "Who do you want me to call"


Fair fucks to him. If I ever break my arm I wanna be that awesome.
9 years ago
walk it off???
9 years ago
shkate it off.
9 years ago
I am not ashamed to admit that I would ask for my mommy too... and by mommy I mean Morphine, my morphine mommy.
9 years ago
hes got sissy bones
9 years ago
yeah what a little bitch... who wants his mommy... wait was that a chick?
9 years ago
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