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Mr. Hate

Great song from one of the greatest bands...if there were an official Mucho band, they would be it.

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by ClaudeBallz

submitted March 14th 2009

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the 80's where you didnt need talent to get famous.
9 years ago
since it takes a lot of talent these days... :P
9 years ago
I always figured GG Allin and the Murder Junkies would be the official Mucho band.
9 years ago
Dokken is the official band. Dik said so.
9 years ago
lol, Dokken
9 years ago
9 years ago
That muppet's cigarette was glued to his lip.
9 years ago
Got to be american .... utter shit
9 years ago
there is a lot of shit involved youre right on that account ol chap
9 years ago
You're just some goof who doesn't know beans about Britain.
9 years ago
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