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Comments on driving in Canadian winters

Rick Mercer brings up some interesting points and tips on driving in the Canadian winter.


by ThoseUnknown

submitted March 11th 2009

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Sorta funny. but that trying to be "real and raw" walking around with shakey cam thing is annoying
9 years ago
how could a guy be smart enough to have a tv show, but stupid enough not to realize the tire joke was logically fucked?
9 years ago
i take it you dont use snow tires either?
9 years ago
Cock muncher
9 years ago
Does it snow much in Canada?
9 years ago
naw..it's quite tropical
9 years ago
NEVER lock up your brakes!
9 years ago
anti lock breaks people.. GET THEM.
9 years ago
Thanks bobby. I live in Canada. I'll get some tomorrow.
9 years ago
Get me some pussy while you're out
9 years ago
Note to self: 4 anti lock brakes
1 pussy
9 years ago
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