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Electrified toilet prank

Man reads a playboy and gets shocked sitting on the toilet


by phuckassbob

submitted March 10th 2009

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Who the fuck undoes their pants and pulls them down with one fucking hand?
9 years ago
someone holding a jag mag in the other??
9 years ago
Fucking queer if you ask ---> her
9 years ago
You mean I'm supposed to believe this fuckface was so interested in what he was reading he couldn't put it down, even to make the act of pulling his fuckin pants down easier? Fake as shit. And fake ASS shit too.
9 years ago
Ha ha. It singes the balls!
9 years ago
hahahah i found this event funny
9 years ago
I'm gonna have to recreate that now.
9 years ago
that's why this video was made...
9 years ago
Imagine the carnage had the guy been suffering from diarrhea. That would have been Mucho Gold.
9 years ago
seems fake to me. atleast the unsuspecting mag/shitting guy.

no one does that. atleast not that i know of. you sit then read the mag.
9 years ago
Um yeah... unless you have a metal toilet seat (which that was clearly plastic or at best painted wood or ceramic) that's just not going to work.

That's without even considering the fact that the dude did as much as he could to avoid looking at the toilet, and did the afore mentioned one handed pants down while staring at a porn mag picture (if he was reading something REALLY interesting... maybe but not just looking at a porn picture).

If you are going to fake a prank, fake something semi believable and make the reaction really good. Fail on both accounts here.
9 years ago
like you said dev no way you could get a current from a battery to go through a plastic or porcelain toilet like that unless they ran a wire around the seat which i didn't see but that would be funny if you could figure a way to do it for real. already skeemin sumthin for my turn to by the fight this weekend hehehe
9 years ago
and where was this camera? Seems like that would be visible to whomever entered the bathroom.
9 years ago
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