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Watchmen Wiki WTF?

Quality control at Wikipedia is somewhat lacking...


by UncleJ4

submitted March 9th 2009

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Watchmen Wiki WTF?
muchoworthynot muchoworthy
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But I mean, I would rape her too so I think it's still accurate
9 years ago
Yeah, that all seems pretty correct.
9 years ago
Agreed, but fake must be called
9 years ago
It is uh.. WIKIpedia, meaning anyone can edit it. Usually this shit gets undone quickly, but not fast enough to stop you from a screenshot.
9 years ago
you dont know two shits of the origin of the word wiki you dumb fuck. wiki stems from wicca which means wise. goddamn people are fucking stupid. Xho go suck a dick
9 years ago
1; Where exactly did Xho define wiki?

2; wicca is a form of pagan religion, or a male witch/sorcerer.

3; You don't know two shits about anything.

4; You are more stupid than anything else in the universe.

5; Fuck off.
9 years ago
1. He didn't.
2. Wiki doesn't even come from wicca, which isn't even a religion and didn't exist until the last century.
3. I can't argue with Mrfigs on that one.
4. Nor that one.
5. I second the motion that FaF should fuck off. All in favor?
9 years ago

about 1/3 of the page down.

1.) he didnt but he did cap it implying its definition
2.) i agree totally
3.) you misspelled "I"
4.) ^^
5.) say I
9 years ago
"WIKIpedia, meaning anyone can edit it." - is that what wiki means?
9 years ago
Wikipedia is formed from the hawiian word wikiwiki, meaning quick, and encylopedia. Therefore it means quick encyclopedia, nothing to do with editing, or wise, or anything else.

So the fuck off still stands, jizz bucket.
9 years ago
I liked the movie. wasnt the best but it was good. better than i had anticipated. just get rid of mr manhattan and its good shit.
9 years ago
i read the graphic novel and it was much better. movie was o.k
9 years ago
getting drunk at movies is fun but fuck, i can't even remember what the shit was about. i'd rape both silk spectres
9 years ago
Wow you made an edit to wikipedia. Thats hard.
9 years ago
9 years ago
Terrifyingly so
9 years ago
Considering someone did an edit just to get a quick screenshot, they could have thought of something a bit funnier, I would hope.

9 years ago
I didn't edit anything, the page loaded like that.
9 years ago
you play solitaire?
9 years ago
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