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2 Classy Ladies


Just having a good time.


by Mako

submitted February 18th 2009

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I couldn't help but laugh at the Music. The "final countdown" always reminds me of Arrested Development.
9 years ago
Yeah, it adds the Epic factor.
9 years ago
any guesses on what she had for lunch? i say wonton soup
9 years ago
Or split pea with ham.
9 years ago
Awesome Awesome soup. pea and ham
9 years ago
rice and sushi
9 years ago
Wow. It's just like Lady and the Tramp.
9 years ago
:54 with the puke and band kicking in is epic...well, as epic as buttrock and asians can be.
9 years ago
the asian cuntdrown!
9 years ago
Hey Yak, do you think you can replace all these stupid AFF ads with some gay porn? That would be fabulous!
9 years ago
ok. you made it. i start reading cruels comments again.
9 years ago
well since you asked so nicely-
im sure he'll accommodate you silly sally
9 years ago
Ah, gotta love those asians women. Nothing they won't do, since they have no self-respect.
9 years ago
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