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Chinese fire drill

or something


by Magawd

submitted February 18th 2009

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Obviously, they haven't studied friction yet.
9 years ago
9 years ago
9 years ago
That made my day. Lmao.
9 years ago
i dont understand this at all, on any level...
but it made me snort beer thru my nose so it's cool
9 years ago
it made me jack oofff
9 years ago
Ok, who greased the escape rope?!
9 years ago
apparently you did.
9 years ago

this made me happy.
9 years ago
your so bad morph....you made me laugh at it also...
9 years ago
rope burn with a broke leg or full body burn....seems like a good choice
9 years ago
It was all planned. Relax, they do this to all of the rookies. Teaches them about repelling and climbing ropes without gloves. All it is, is tough love.
9 years ago
The best was at the end where the commentator sounded like he wants to fight someone.
9 years ago
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