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Mister Polizei and ze French Bitch


I just downloaded this porn from the internetz and wanted to jerk off and thats how the video starts.


by antispeziesist

submitted February 15th 2009

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Maybe the terrorists are right.
alalalalalalalalalalah jihad. durka durka.
9 years ago
looks good wuts the title
9 years ago
Ass Traffic 6
9 years ago
Sigh... any fucking idiot that uses "leet speak" or whatever they call should die of aids.
9 years ago
uuuuhhh. That Nevada plate is fuckin gross.
9 years ago
Video is weird. I've seen cars hot enough to get off to, but not that one.
9 years ago
"You cannot jerk off on my reems..."
9 years ago
this is the funniest thing I have seen all day
9 years ago
I don't get it. How is it funny?
9 years ago
Maybe he means funny like WTF funny, not ha-ha funny?
9 years ago
hahah i was sorta hoping and not hoping he would fuck the car instead.
9 years ago
Who wants a mustache ride?
9 years ago
sad... the chick was so slutty the guys use plastic guns to squirt in her holes.
9 years ago
wow, it´s a thin line between mere porn and surrealist masterpiece....
this is the single most awesome film since "un chien andalou".
9 years ago
pretentious douche
3 years ago
What all porn should be
9 years ago
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