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Death Bus

If you're a criminal in China, you'll want to avoid its new death buses, vehicles that carry out executions while streaming live video of them, then provide some privacy for organ harvesting.


by Gazoo

submitted February 12th 2009

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Death Bus
not muchoworthyloslobos
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I need one.
9 years ago
kind of looks like a dung-beetle with wheels...
...same principle i guess...
9 years ago
This anything like Cat-bus?
9 years ago
Yes. Direct from the Ministry of Alsinge.
9 years ago
Totero cat bus?
9 years ago
Although in all fairness, it's hard to fault the Chinese for putting to death those corrupt business shitheads from the tainted milk scandal.
9 years ago
dont get all political at us, chim...
just post those death-pics
9 years ago
I feel like posting the pictures would make them less erotic, somehow.
9 years ago
if it feels good
do it
9 years ago
method of execution?
9 years ago
death by squid
9 years ago
i heard they give erotic messages until it falls off and you bleed to death..
9 years ago
And the View is the only thing on TV during the whole ordeal.
9 years ago
That would make it the suicide bus.
9 years ago
executions on the run!
9 years ago
i like the book bus
9 years ago
9 years ago
i too prefer the book bus to governmental murder wagons...coming soon to a f.e.m.a. camp near you.
9 years ago
Liar Beez..you rode the short bus
9 years ago
Yeah, beez probably had his own special seat on the short bus. I bet he wore a padded helmet too.
9 years ago
Pretty sweet RV
9 years ago
Line up and get in niggers
9 years ago
That would make a great new hospital shuttle for seniors
9 years ago
There should be a sign that says free big booty hoes, KFC and malt liquor, and you the niggers will be fighting to get on the bus.
9 years ago
Oh yeah, don't forget the bling spinner rims.
9 years ago
nothing new here. the wehrmacht and ss already had mobile execution units in use at the east front to gas jews and gypsies...
9 years ago
but, these RV's of Death are much cuddlier
9 years ago
and has power windows.
:) did hitler have AC on those units.. cause everybody knows Gasing jews and Gypsies can get tiring and hot.. lol
9 years ago
Wow, did thay really, Romeo?
9 years ago
If you ask me, death penalty should be publicized... you miss half the point if you don't show everyone why they need to obey the law.

BTW organ harvesting after death makes me think they can't use toxins to kill the person. Wonder if they just beat them to death or what.
9 years ago
Somebody should beat you to death.
9 years ago
a murderers body organs would be no good for us law abiding citizens
9 years ago
Fries, you fucking hypocrite. Your whole life revolves around sourcing used parts.
9 years ago
i just wouldnt want a murderers body part suddenly going haywire on me
9 years ago
I want one.. Ill relabel it
Last Stop Homeless Shelter on wheels..
or label Free edible Dog food for homeless Inside..
9 years ago
I hope you die a slow death by bleeding from the dick.
9 years ago
they're going to die anyway, fourfaggity
9 years ago
FourhundredPenisLover^ Only if I fucked your moms Ambushed Pussy.. then die from that.. i would be soo happy!
9 years ago
Super6, you need a driver?
Its kinda hard to drive and kill
9 years ago
The death penalty is a bad idea.
9 years ago
I am TOTALLY against the death penality.
9 years ago
i agree with you but not totally
9 years ago
Then you don't agree with me.
9 years ago
what happens to the wrongly accused
9 years ago
Death penalty only hurts the people left behind.
9 years ago
Just one person being put on death row then being found innocent is proof enough that it is wrong. Sadly, it has happened more than once.
9 years ago
I was hoping someone would argue with me.
9 years ago
i only agree with you partly
9 years ago
You are a fence sitting piece of shit. Make up your mind. Which is it?
9 years ago
leave them on death row long enough to discover if they commited anymore crimes and then kill them
9 years ago
Well how can you define how long it would take for you to figure out if they are wrongly accused then fries?
9 years ago
how longs a piece of string
9 years ago
I am absolutely for the death penalty, Hank.
9 years ago
Why are you against it Flank?
I would support it completely if it was instituted like they do it in Texas.In California,they fuck arfound with appeals for 20 plus years at a huge cost to tax payers.If they actually kept those murderous pieces of shit in prison for LIFE like the sentence called for,I'd be ok without the death penalty.As it stands,the faggot liberals who run this state are sikmply opposed to anything harsher than a slap on the wrist.
9 years ago
There is some gay prick in the legislature who thought it was ok to possess as many as 100 individual pieces of child porn.You see what i mean by liberal fags runni ng this state..i know if El_Wanko were here he'd set me straight about libertarianism..but hes not sadly.
9 years ago
You're a twat. At its best it's an easy way out for politicians to pull out shite about "eye for an eye..." etc. A sop for the brain dead who don't want to think about why murder happens. At its worst it's just legalised murder. There are always miscarriages of justice. No system is, or can be, 100% right. Ever.
9 years ago
except of course, norway
9 years ago
Suck a fat cock sleezycock-
I dont care about the bible version of the death penalty,nor do i care if a doughy,yellow- toothed socialist calls it legalized murder.If some stool kills someone under special circumstances,like OJ simpson,than that person shouldnt get to enjoy breathing anymore.
9 years ago
Herby, you know libertarianism and liberalism are two completely seperate philosophies, right?

It's just that if you didn't you'd have to be a complete fucking moron, and I just can't envisage that.
9 years ago
9 years ago
That's why you're a retard Herby. Everyone else is a "socialist" or a "liberal". The thing is, everyone opposed to it can see it for what it is. Legalised murder. I can think of 20 or so people who would have been murdered by the state for crimes that they patently didn't commit. You're a fucking joke Herby and nothing will ever change that.
9 years ago
I'm just extremely offended that OJ referred to him as a 'dumbed-down' (or whatever) version of me. I say more intelligent things in my sleep than this withdrawl-method accident.
9 years ago
At least you got a mention.
9 years ago
Dumber than you, as in, 'Dumb & Dumber'.
9 years ago
OJ. Just go fuck your right hand (as usual). You're a whiny little girl...who is desperate to prove he's 'intelligent' here, because you feel ashamed of your deprived upbringing, and woeful inability to impress anyone in the real world...especially females. You're about bald at 23...fucking silly little slaphead bitch.
9 years ago

"You're a whiny little girl...who is desperate to prove he's 'intelligent'"

Cruel is 'projecting' again.

9 years ago
well they proved today that in canada you can cut a motherfuckers head off in a greyhound and only get sent to the hospital
9 years ago
O_Rant = Weaksauce.
9 years ago
My name is OJ...know what it stands for, gay?
Opinionated Jerkoff...couldn't hit a barn with a Kalashnikov,
Drinks Zima while his 'friends' neck Smirnoff,
Got 6-weeks left...then his ugly ass is gettin laid-off.
Leona for short - he keeps bleedin like a stuffed pig,
Got a chrome-dome already - Elton...hand this dirty bitch a flirty wig,
Couldn't fuck a hottie if it was handed out for free,
Resorts to molesting retards like he's on a shopping spree,
Gee. You see? You're a loser like your father,
When people call you out on it - you worked up in a lather.
Use your Google, use your Wiki, use any tool you like,
You're inferior in every way...so kindly take a hike,
Up your dirty path,
Cling fast to your wrath,
You couldn't pwn a rubber-duck if it was floating in your bath.

9 years ago
did your GF leave you again?
9 years ago
and steal your stash?
9 years ago
Haha @jamiee and poss. No. I'm extremely happy these days. Things are going great. This is me happy. Funny huh.
Plus, I don't grow moustaches poss (hehe).
9 years ago
Hey, Shawshank (<- you like that, don't you? lol). Make another one of them & make it good this time, we both know you have the spare time.

pssst, Jamie...there wasn't/isn't/never will be a girlfriend. What self respecting women would want a guy who can't even get a job working on the tills at Netto.
9 years ago
Awww, poor little baldy! My rhyme got to you huh? Having to use dik's flames now huh? Hmmm. Not cutting and pasting for once I guess. Yes, I do like Shawshank...I think it's quite funny. And you're absolutely right...I'm just pretending to be in a happy relationship, and I don't really have an ex-wife in America either.
Maybe I will make my very first submission here soon...and then you'll understand why getting women isn't really a problem for me...*hint* I don't look like Benjamin Button circa 1 hour into the movie.
9 years ago
Hey! Quit with the baldy thing, you!
9 years ago
I've noticed that only the brits refer to themselves as superior and their opponent as inferior. You would never hear an American using those terms. It seems they have some serious class hang-ups. Also, worrying about accents, etc... Pretty dumb.
9 years ago
Speaking of rhymes, I left a rhyme challenge on the "Eh?" thread that has gone unanswered.
9 years ago
Stop picking on us super Brits, you lower grade short ass nigger jew nip!
9 years ago
OJ needs to worry about his accent...being as how he sounds like Stephen Hawking chewing on a handful of live wasps when he talks. Also, he has about as much class as your typical Mumbai slumdog.
9 years ago
Hank. I think I may have observed the said rhyme...and considered it below the standards I have come to expect from you. Which is why it has gone unanswered.
9 years ago
You're a big fan of those baseless insults aren't you, Cruel. You may want to be a little more selective over the lines you use from your random insult generator.

"being as how he sounds like Stephen Hawking chewing on a handful of live wasps when he talks."

wft? lol
9 years ago
Shit, it's 10,000 times better than that little bit o' dribble you just drool scribbled above.

If you're scared, say you're scared.
9 years ago
"sounds like Stephen Hawking chewing on a handful of live wasps"

Haha, nice. I shall use that next time I am forced to listen to some really bad karaoke. My usual line is "sounds like a hyena choking on a pine cone."
9 years ago
I'm scared.
I'm scared you're not prepared,
Freaked-out you'll be impaired,
By your delusions that you heard,
In that tiny mind,
Reaching for yo blind,
Hoping for a ray 'o inspiration,
To shine on through your degradation.
Look...it's kinda late in blighty,
But I'll stay and school politely,
Teachin teacher things he oughta know,
Don't mess wid dis superior nigga, bro.
9 years ago
You look stuck
Dumb deer in the spotlight
'bout to get fucked
Eyes all misty and mystified
You mezmerized like a mermaid
on dry ice
You lie I'll slice you up like sashimi
You dry I'll smack you up like
instant ramen
I often snack on common
wack noodles like you
Yappy little poodles like you
Your rhymes are drooling doodles
Limp like noodles
Kit like kaboodles
You ain't got even a dollar
You ain't got an ounce of starch
in your collar
Your backbone is bent like a hangar
Abused like a drunk braggard
Lagging behind you run
like a broken rabbit
Limp like a lisping faggot
It's my world
You can't have it.
9 years ago
Lmfao! I waited nearly a half-hour for that?? Nigga, please.
Meh...not bad. But seriously, I gotta turn in...gotta be up to see my imaginary female in about 5.5 hours.
9 years ago
Sorry, motherfucker, you so poor
Knock, knock, motherfucker
There's a monkey at your door
'cause I'm king konging this
like ding dong ditch
like a stranger on your steps
is giving you an itch
like you rich and you scared
of the poor and the triple dog dared
You impared and impaled
on ya picket white fence
Paying ya festering rents
and blustering ya rants
like a bum in the streets w/o no pants
Pestering people for pocket change
and pocketing dollars all the same
you lame pick-pocket
ain't walking straight
bit your tongue
now you ain't talking straight
lisping like you thucking cockth
for a livin'
thtupid thilly bitch
been thwallowing themen for your thankthgiven' meals
You ain't got no skeelz
Ain't got no deals
Ain't got no reals
You just stealin' fake fronts
and feet hitting the ground
straight to Hank's pwn shop
"How's five dollas sound?"
9 years ago
*Walks off the stage*
9 years ago
heckler:"it all sounds the same!"
Neil:"Its all the same fucking song!"
9 years ago
im gonna turn off the pc
not gonna watch more tv
just smoked some weed
so i might get something to eat
before i brush my teeth
and get some fucking sleep.

*throws mic and hits hanks little head
9 years ago
You ain't a diamond in the rough
You just a pussy possum
hiding in a bush in the buff
Snorting snuff, cavorting with snakes
and having sex with stuff
in garbage cans
rubbing your glands
on grapefruit rinds and coffee grinds
Stuck your prehensile tail in your butthole and
Fucked a hello kitty abandoned by a four year old
What's that noise
and I'm gonna come out and hit you
whack you with a stick you
drop kick you into the next yard
Possum, animal kingdom retard
9 years ago
Wow, that really sucked Piss.
You missed.
9 years ago
its you who seemed to miss it was meant as a mauchery towards your retarded rapping. good night buddy
9 years ago
What? You were meant to suck dick in debauchery?
We all knew that anyway
We all know that any day
I never miss
like Wiliam Tell and archery
You nothing but slouchery
and sleeping on the couchery
I knew what you meant by what you said
Nothing you say is ever over my head
But the top of yours looks like an ashtray
Men flicking their cigs while you suck away
9 years ago
p.s. mauchery is not a word
9 years ago
hank: what i said wasn't a diss,
or a compliment either...
wiki "neil young in concert"
9 years ago
I have a live double cd with that on it.
9 years ago
your possum rap
made me fap
plus one team jap!
i need a a nap
...oh, snap
9 years ago
^ i now officially hate myself
9 years ago
ps, chris...
9 years ago
FAKE... sorry, this is not a "death bus" Not sure where your information comes from but I think someone has been pulling your tit. It's the new court bus for transporting prisoners to and from court.
9 years ago
Are you fucking stupid? Nothing on here is fake, wikipedia it.
9 years ago
and what might wiki have to say about Mucho
9 years ago
9 years ago
9 years ago
how come your avatar is only working sometimes ?
9 years ago
9 years ago
obviously mucho doesn't exist because it doesn't exist on wikipedia. FACT

9 years ago
it exists in my heart
9 years ago
^i doubt that you have a heart
9 years ago
at least i can tell you its in a pretty fucked up condition
9 years ago
recover password
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