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School Girl Violated


Is this real or not real? That is the question.


by Steff-Chan

submitted February 12th 2009

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why doesnt she just bite it off?
9 years ago
'csuse this is like, sooooooooo real!
9 years ago
is this supposed to be a 'how to rape asians' video?
9 years ago
no, i made that one
9 years ago
blurred = not real
9 years ago
jeah not real, they sure do a great acting job.
9 years ago
Kojach you've obivously never seen real Asian pussy. 100% pure Asian's all have blurred pussies like that when video taped. It has something to do with the fact that it's out of sync with the video camera.
9 years ago
i kind of feel bad about this. only when i pretend to be a little bitch asian girl tho...but still...feel bad.
9 years ago
When you're pretending, do you dress up?
9 years ago
digg the way the bucket is thrown and lands correctly upwards, he must have looked back and thought *fuck jahhh I did that shiiet!*
9 years ago
The up side of doing a rape vid - from a girls POV - is that if it was ever discovered by, say daddy, she could easily say "they made me do it".
That is, unless daddy goes down to the porn company and sees his baby girl on camera saying with a smile on her face and stars in her eyes, "I'll do a rape vid, and let you cum in my ass".
9 years ago
looks like she would be more combative for realism, however, if it's real and she's smart she would be so much so that it wouldn't hurt as much, so who knows!
9 years ago
I still like this one!!! (3)
7 years ago
Its a fake video have seen it on many sites its scripted porn video lol
4 years ago
scripted porn? no shit....
4 years ago
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