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Japs In Their Natural Environment


Watch this documentary of these beauties going at each other in a wild mating ritual.


by Steff-Chan

submitted February 12th 2009

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I love jap chicks except for their messed up choppers.
9 years ago
You mean teeth?
9 years ago
No, their motorcycles.
9 years ago
Whenever jap girls have sex they always look like they are getting raped. How can you tell if she is enjoying herself or do you just not over in jap land?
9 years ago
thinkin the same thing
9 years ago
They seem to have this whole rape culture script in bed. I don't dig it, but I guess jap guys do.
9 years ago
That shit is only in the pornos. Real Japanese chicks act like real chicks in bed.
9 years ago
Then please grace us with some 'real chick' jap sex, the whiny grimaces do get old.
9 years ago
Well, if you weren't a fucking ugly, fat loser maybe you could pull a Japanese chick and find out for yourself.
9 years ago
Not many of those in the south, they are not really my type though
9 years ago
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