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Nasty bitch at a concert with tampon string hanging out


Nasty whore doesn't even know she has a bloody tampon in her pussy....or does she?


by LiquidRainbowz

submitted February 11th 2009

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the only thing i could understand was 'youse a ho girl' right at the end
9 years ago
and could hardly see crap also cus the camera man was shaking like crazy.
9 years ago
I'm not sure I wanted to see it any better.
9 years ago
9 years ago
Very clever. Just like your last 5 posts.
9 years ago
He looks familiar
9 years ago
well the rap should have said something about her tampon that would have been funny.

I know's ya a ho,
with a tampon in ya hole
9 years ago
I would have said something about her string like,

Ya got ya tampon in
Pussy so loose
Ya gotta clamp it on in
Rope hanging down
Like prison suicide no end in sight
Like ya pussy so wide
Opposite of tight
Ya know it's a life bid, kid
Ya got AIDS from ya toes to ya lid
9 years ago
Keep your day job...
9 years ago
There's a bunch of white kids at some trailer part out there that would buy your album Hank. You're gonna make millions!
9 years ago
See if you can do better, LdyMoron.
9 years ago
Naw son, that's Short Dog.
"Are ya bleedin'?
Can't think about sex?
Irritated by your kotex?"
9 years ago
For a short dog you got a short cock
A little weiner, a loser
I'm a boozer, a winner a big sinner
9 years ago
wow...clever. Did you think that up all by yourself?
9 years ago
Well at least she has good hygiene.
9 years ago
Thats a stretch.
9 years ago
That's not a tampon string, it's a rat's tail.
9 years ago
haha....i thought only fags and dickish stuck things like that up them
9 years ago
Now, a White boy would have yanked that cork and held it up for all to see.
9 years ago
or swung it at her skanky ass face
9 years ago
Donita Sparks would have launched it into the crowd.
9 years ago
it's a pull start vibrator
9 years ago
nasty bitch
9 years ago
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