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just for losingxlucidity lolz


by DragoKatzof

submitted February 7th 2009

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What the hell man?
Why would you waste your first post on me?

I'm fucking disappointed that of all the members to submit something for me it was this nobody!

*storms off without watching the video*
9 years ago
don't come back now ya here
9 years ago
Learn to talk...
Oh and shave that ridiculous fuzzy off your face. Your not Smerf!!!!
9 years ago
hahahaha lol
9 years ago
lusicity, we're just not at that stage in our relationship yet, I didn't want to ruin anything
9 years ago
who the hell is this wench, and why is she all pissed off about offerings? phhshhhh... not like she's the mighty kthulhu or some shit
9 years ago
holy cow dam i gotta get one of those penis implants.
9 years ago
^ lodged in your colon.
9 years ago
She flicked the head of it like a lighter.
9 years ago
Flick yer dik!
9 years ago
on route 666
9 years ago
when you fuck raw pink chicken, wear a condom or you'll catch salmonella.
9 years ago
I thought it was out there. But needs some green hair on the girl.
9 years ago
looked like she was fucking a pig..or something..
9 years ago
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