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Look daddy we are famous.


by dirtyrottensteve

submitted February 6th 2009

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oh, and damn these whores are busted up... who smacked 'em in the face with a baseball bat?
9 years ago
so your saying that if these two come into your room, started doing this in front of you and asked you to join in, you would say no and kick them out?
9 years ago
yes, he is so freaky that he wouldn't even think twice about it either...
9 years ago
he'd rather it be skulk and elpiss instead.
9 years ago
God, I haven't seen this forever...
9 years ago
I want to call repost too but I'm too lasy to look up the vid
9 years ago
this vids old as fuck
9 years ago
and thee art also, apparently
9 years ago
i'm 20 dicktits
9 years ago
on this camera alot of people would look like twins
9 years ago

ban yak for forgetting this video and posting it again
9 years ago
this is so twincesty that i bet 2/3's of all videos under the twincest tab are this video
9 years ago
Reposted twins...are they now quadruplets?
9 years ago
No, Sextuplets. GET IT? SEXTUPLETS! AHAHAHAHAHAAAAaaaaaa! *coughs up blood*
9 years ago
does the cam really have to jump around like Silent Hill?
9 years ago
8 years ago
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