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VG Cats


Well more of my art


by Lightyagami

submitted February 5th 2009

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VG Cats
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Holy fuck is the brunette in that banner hot.
9 years ago
She lives in my city too! What are the odds?
9 years ago
She lives in mine too, how strange...
9 years ago
Maybe you live in the same city
9 years ago
this is good, lighty
it's all good, really
i wish i could appreciate it
...if i was still doing coke, instead of shots of mezcal, i would write you several short stories about how cool your drawings are...but...
there goes another rubber-tree plant
9 years ago
It's "OOPS there goes"
9 years ago
i'd believe it if i saw a mucho sign somewhere in the mix...
9 years ago
hey metal - did you know that oj is trying to give you up, to get wanko unbanned?
9 years ago
give me up??
9 years ago
give you up = trading you, plus bonaduce and others, to permaban status, if deja lets wanko back in..
clear enough?
9 years ago
9 years ago
this was barely worth finding, you fuckfaces
5 years ago
I hate cowboy hats...
9 years ago
break out the wine and cheese
9 years ago
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