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a day in the fun house


i wish one of these "actors" was tim curry


by mikebeez

submitted February 5th 2009

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Straight outta my dreams and onto Mucho.
9 years ago
your dreams are to have a clown come out of a toy box and fuck you? wow and i thought i was messed up.
9 years ago
No, to -watch- a clown come out of a toy box and fuck some girl... while masturbating... and cutting myself... and whatever the fuck else you Mucho'ers enjoy reading.... probably something to do with gay midget elves... I dunno, I'm just typing things now.
9 years ago
hehe, I'm sure Pennywise would suck on the fear from this tramp.
9 years ago
god this is one of the creepyist vids ive seen.
9 years ago
The laugh track was the worst part
9 years ago
this is so diturbing that nearly no one comments..
9 years ago
but shit, how comes i favourited it??
9 years ago
'cus its sweet
9 years ago
it's boring as fuck
9 years ago
hahah he must be a jack-off in a box
9 years ago
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