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fun in the bus


i love the reactions caused by a public


by jerkaholik

submitted January 31st 2009

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WTF kind of bus is this? The double dutch bus?
9 years ago
its just your normal fuck bus
9 years ago
Oh really???

Reply next time, asshole.
9 years ago
hah i wonder how much those "bystanders" got paid to be on a porn bus and pretend to be shocked?
9 years ago
That Asian guy was there for free I bet.
9 years ago
hey! dont destroy my illusion..-_-
9 years ago
and the jewish bus driver is a bitch ruin the moment no one was complaining
8 years ago
Performance Art.
9 years ago
"what was your fav part?"

"on da bus..."
9 years ago
like to see when pants are removed fully
9 years ago
I wish I had a city bus transit like this down here in South Florida:p!!!
9 years ago