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Books Check'em Out

After seeing the Mr. T books photos this is the first thing that popped in my mind. I might even be one of the few people that watched this when in aired back in 1991.


by RyogaVee

submitted January 30th 2009

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I remember this. Those crazy raisins were all over the place back then. There was even a game for the NES. But it was never released.
9 years ago
The Califonia Raisins.
9 years ago
more like R.W.A.
9 years ago
I never noticed it then, but the voice sounds like Sir Mix Alot.
9 years ago
Naw. More like Ice Cube.
Doing the community service thing.
9 years ago
this actually makes me want to burn a stack of books.
9 years ago
Haha! I remember this. My uncle was touching me in the bathing suit area while it played in the back ground
9 years ago
I was gonna start talking shit about this til i noticed my foot tapping along....
9 years ago
It's to promote black youth to read. It's a racial profile thing.
9 years ago

i even sung along. i still remember that rap
9 years ago
Same here, I knew this song by heart. Sung it for a few years in my head till high school.
9 years ago
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