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Bike safety camp

Yo, That way you won't skin your knees.. Peace!


by Jones

submitted January 24th 2009

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YEAH! Safety is Cool!
9 years ago
Would you like to suck my cock bezerker
9 years ago
would you like to suck my fuck bezerker
9 years ago
Michel Jackson's wet dream! co-staring three crackheads and the Goonies.
9 years ago
what the fuck was that from?
9 years ago
That was absolutely terrible. Yak, ban whoever submitted it.
9 years ago
I want those 2 minutes of my life back. that was a fucking travesty
9 years ago
The whole "I want x minutes of my life back" is retarded. You wouldn't be cruising the net looking for videos to watch, much less here, if you didn't have free time. You couldn't even wait a week to look fucking stupid?
9 years ago
I was saying theres better things to do with those 2 minutes. I'm sure you could probably proposition your mother and shoot over her tits in less, and lets face it, that'd be a personal best for you
9 years ago
I see ben assfleck in his earlier attempts at acting were as much of a joke as they are now.Fuck ASSFLeCK
9 years ago
long time reader first time poster,
what fucking movie is this from. i have to c it.
its like the worst fucking train reck and i just cant look away!!!!
9 years ago
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